The Univex Mercury II 35mm half-frame camera is the post WWII version of the Mercury I. Univex’s proprietary #200 film was ditched in favor of 35mm for this model. With its rotary shutter, capable of up 1/1000ths of a second shutter speed, to the flash synchronizing hot shoe that it’s ancestor pioneered, the Mercury II is a faithful clone in all except construction. It uses a magnesium aluminum alloy body and faux leather covering, both of which make it age less gracefully than the original.

Make Univex
Model Mercury II
Year 1945 – 1948
Format 35mm (half frame)
Shutter Univex Rotary
Speed B,T, 20 to 1000
Lens Tricor f2.7
Aperture 2.7 to 22
Focus 1.5ft to ∞
Rangefinder No
Light Meter No