half frame

Fujica Half

The Fujica Half is a handsome, pocketable half-frame 35mm camera. It was manufactured in response to the excellent Olympus Pen (here is a slightly later model) and looks not dissimilar to the Canon Demi. Functionally, the camera does what it… Read More ›

MMZ-Belomo Chaika II

This is my first Russian half-frame camera, and I am interested to see how it stacks up to other half-frames in my collection, most notably the non-Pen F Olympus ones. The Chaika II is roughly the same size as a… Read More ›

Canon demi EE17

I love the way this camera looks, as I do most half-frame shooters, though my favorite by far is the Olympus Pen-F, also introduced in 1963. The viewfinder is bright and controls easy to use. Although, as with many Japanese… Read More ›

Olympus Pen-F

What can I say, I have lusted after an Olympus Pen-F for a while. I have a weakness for half-frame cameras and the Pen-F is the pinnacle. When one became available from Japan, at a price I could live with, I… Read More ›

Ansco Memo Half-frame

Introduced in 1927, the Ansco Memo is a beautifully crafted 35mm half-frame camera that was one of the first America 35mm cameras to sell in any quantity. Despite its boxiness the Memo’s weight feels right in the hand the the… Read More ›

Olympus Pen EE

The Olympus Pen EE half-frame, fixed lens, viewfinder camera was first introduced in 1961. It has automatic exposure and can be considered an early point and shoot. It’s compact size and copious shot taking ability make it a great camera… Read More ›

Univex Mercury II

The Univex Mercury II 35mm half-frame camera is the post WWII version of the Mercury I. Univex’s proprietary #200 film was ditched in favor of 35mm for this model. With its rotary shutter, capable of up 1/1000ths of a second… Read More ›