Fujica ST605

This is the Fujica ST605, a bit of a sleeper SLR that comes close to but does not rival the likes of the Pentax ME Super or Olympus OM-1n. To be fair, I ended up using a Cosinon f1.8 50mm lens instead of the original f2.2 55mm Fujinon. The ST605 is compact, though not as much so as the ME Super.

When the camera arrived it was immediately obvious the Fujinon was a broken, fungal mess that was not worth saving. Not entirely unexpected given that the ST605 and I are the same vintage. Though the results are quite good with the Cosinon, I have no doubt the other lens would be a better match.

Build quality is good with all controls working and feeling as they should, even in cooler weather with semi-numb fingers. The shutter has a satisfying sound and the somewhat unusual top speed of 1/700th. The light meter uses two SR44 batteries an appears to be accurate, though I used Sunny 16 for most shots.

A manual for the very similar ST605N can be found here.

MakeFujica st605
ShutterRubberized focal-plane
SpeedB, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30, 60, 125, 250, 500, 700
LensInterchangeable M42 (Cosinon)
 f1.8 50mm
Focus1.5ft – ∞
Aperturef1.8 – 16
Light MeterYes (TTL)

Nothing to see here, just another black and chrome SLR from the mid-1970s.

Sample images on CatLabs 320, stand-developed HC110 for 30 minutes.

Panorama stitched together in Affinity Photo.

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