Fujica GW690 (The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

This beast of a camera, I mean it this time, is the Fujica GW690. Mechanically it is in great condition, but the looks are another matter. Just a few of the cosmetic issues:

-virtually all lettering is missing from the top

-eyepiece ring is missing

-cracked/poorly applied paint is all over the metal parts of the body, and a good portion of the leather.

-a skylight filter was so tightly attached that it was destroyed in the process of removing

-some dust is between the lens elements but does not affect image quality

Looks aside, this is a fun camera to shoot with. As someone with larger than average hands it does not feel too unwieldy or awkward to use.

Format120 (6×9)
ShutterSeiko #0 leaf
SpeedT, 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 30, 60, 125, 250, 500
 f3.5 90mm
Focus1m – ∞
Aperturef3.5 – 32
Light MeterNo

The shutter counter indicates 439 (x10) or almost 4400. Given the state of the camera I would not be surprised if the actual count was much, much higher. That being said the camera is great mechanically and I experienced no issues with the two rolls run through it so far.

Though the lettering is completely worn off on my camera the GW690 has a selector lever next to the accessory shoe that changes the number of exposures (4, 8, or 16) depending on 120 (short/long) or 220 film.

There isn’t much bad about this camera, with the possible exception of bulkiness. It doesn’t fit in any but the largest of my camera bags.

Sample images: TMax 100 and Pancro 400, stand-developed HC110 30 min.

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